Envirologic carry out the following hydrogeological investigations:

EIS Sections: (i) soils and geology, (ii) hydrogeology

Tier 1/2/3 Hydrogeological Assessment

Soakaway design in accordance with BREDigest 365 infiltration tests

Discharge license applications (groundwater)

Source Protection Zone delineation

Site assessment for Integrated Constructed Wetland

Tank Integrity Assessment

Envirologic provides the following hydrogeological services:

- third party well surveys using RTK VRS

- groundwater contour mapping

- design and installation supervision of monitoring boreholes

- design and installation supervision of production boreholes

- trial pit logging in accordance with BS5930:1999.

- groundwater sampling

- pumping tests to determine sustainable yield 

- falling head tests to determine subsoil and bedrock permeability

- long term groundwater level monitoring using dataloggers